World’s largest mural unveiled in Russia

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Moscow-based creative art association, Artmossphere has just unveiled what looks to be the world’s largest mural. Painted by legendary Russian urban artist, Misha Most , the elaborate art piece called Evolution-2 spans a whopping 10,800 square meters on the side of an old industrial complex in the Russian town of Vyksa. Working with five assistants, Most took 35 days to paint the large mural onto the expansive wall of the Vyksa metallurgical plant. The work took 35 days and was recently unveiled at the Art Ovrag festival . The project was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the United Metallurgical Company (OMK) and the 260th anniversary of the Vyksa metallurgical plant. Related: This massive 11-story mural in Chile celebrates treehuggers Most says he found inspiration in science fiction tales from the 60s and 70s that envisioned life in the future, “The future is traditionally associated with certain changes: in society, in individual person changes, in personal psychology and physiology, in relationships, environment and nature. The essential graphic element of the project is a scientist, a robotized man, a human-like android, as well as the elements of Chemistry, Physics and other sciences. I tend to visualize the thoughts in the investigator’s head.” Although the Guinness World Records are reportedly considering the inclusion of Most’s work for the world record of largest mural painted by one artist, it has not been made official yet. + Misha Most + Artmossphere + Art Ovrag Photography via Artmossphere

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World’s largest mural unveiled in Russia


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