World’s first moldable glue lets you fix and improve nearly anything

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What do you do when you get a hole in your rain boots, or a gadget cable starts to fray? If you’re like many of us, probably curse, fire up Amazon, and resign the broken object to the trash or the back of your closet to be re-evaluated later. But what if you could easily repair everything you had so that you never had to buy new stuff again? We recently discovered an amazing new product that works wonders with repairing and improving stuff. Sugru is a handy moldable glue ideal for any number of household projects, including fixing all of your broken gadgets and junk! It’s not only a sustainable alternative to hot glue guns and toxic super-glues, but Sugru transforms from glue to rubber creating an adhesive that’s strong enough to securely bond nearly any material — everything from aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass and wood, to even most plastics and rubbers. The promise of Sugru is to empower average folks who want to solve their everyday problems around the home themselves, and create less waste in our world. Watch some of their cute videos after the jump to learn all sorts of summertime DIY projects , home improvement hacks , and cool ways to trick out your bike that are possible with this ingenious little solution. Read the rest of World’s first moldable glue lets you fix and improve nearly anything Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: DIY bike light mount , DIY bike projects , DIY bottle opener , DIY camping mug , DIY cooking equipment repair , DIY dresser handles , DIY GoPro bike camera , diy home improvement , DIY home projects , DIY magnetic vase , diy projects , domestic ninja , eco-friendly DIY home projects , eco-friendly home improvement , eco-friendly home projects , green alternative to hot glue gun , green alternative to super glue , green DIY projects , green hiking boot repair , how to make a bike bottle opener , how to put a GoPro camera on your bike , How to Repair Camping Cooking Equipment , how to repair household items , Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh , moldable glue , Sugru , Sugru DIY , Sugru founder , Sugru glue

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World’s first moldable glue lets you fix and improve nearly anything


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