Worlds first 3D-printing restaurant may serve the future of sustainable food

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Filed under Green ? Although most 3D printers use inedible filaments , like plastic, the byFlow printer creates dishes out of any edible ingredients that can be made into a paste, such as hummus , chocolate mousse, goat cheese, and pizza dough. The paste is inserted into a syringe-like container, where its heated and then pushed out to create a thin layer of food “ink.” Successive layers are printed until a stable three-dimensional structure is achieved. ? “The goal of FOOD INK is to use the universal language of food as an engaging and accessible way to promote awareness about the amazing possibilities of 3D-printing and other promising new technologies,” says the FOOD INK team. The FOOD INK culinary direction will be led by Spanish chef Mateo Blanch of Michelin-starred restaurant La Boscana in Spain, who will 3D print the food live with an international team of chefs and artists. The 3D-printed food will be paired with whole, non-printed foods. While the sculptural dishes may seem gimmicky, 3D-printed food has potential health and sustainability benefits, from nutrient customization to reduction of food waste. Related: Foodini 3D Printer Cooks Up Meals Like the Star Trek Food Replicator ? “Our 3D-printing dinner series serve as a platform for a public conversation about the future of sustainable food, nutrition, and health,” write the founders. “Our events powerfully demonstrate how emerging technologies are rapidly challenging and changing the way we eat, create, share and live.” ? FOOD INK began with a successful opening at the 3D Printing Food Conference in Venlo, the Netherlands. The restaurant will kick off its world tour with a nine-course 3D-printed dinner in London from July 25 to July 27. FOOD INK will travel around the world to cities like Dubai, Seoul, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, New York City, Taipei, and more in late 2016. + FOOD INK Via ArchDaily Images via FOOD INK

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Worlds first 3D-printing restaurant may serve the future of sustainable food


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