Why a buckwheat pillow makes a good pillow

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A good night’s sleep is rather priceless this day in age. But chances are you haven’t given too much thought to your pillow. You know, the thing lying under your face, nostrils, and mouth every night? Nowadays most pillows are filled with chemical-based foams that are harmful to your health. Synthetic-filled pillows also don’t usually last more than six months before they begin to lose their support, which is hardly sustainable. And goose down and bird feather pillows are known for extremely unethical sourcing – who could sleep at night knowing that? So if you’re looking for an all-natural, cruelty-free option, you might want to consider buckwheat. One of the greatest things about buckwheat is its long lasting factor. A buckwheat pillow is a one time investment – once you have one, you’ll never have to buy another pillow again. That’s good news for the environment, and your wallet. One buckwheat-filled pillow we’ve tried is the Hullo Pillow . Granted, it may not be the soft, fluffy feel you’re accustomed to, but once you try it we can bet that you’ll be resting much easier than before. Intrigued? Read on to discover the benefits of buckwheat, and why you might want to consider changing up your bedding routine. Read the rest of Why a buckwheat pillow makes a good pillow

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Why a buckwheat pillow makes a good pillow


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