Vipp launches very untraditional hotel rooms, starting at 1,000 Euro per night

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Danish design brand Vipp just launched its first two hotel rooms that promise the height of luxury design—starting at 1,000 Euros per night. The “very untraditional” hotel are centered on good design and not the typical hospitality experience, which means that in place of room service or a restaurant they’re banking on unique design experiences. The first two rooms of the Vipp hotel are located in a Swedish forest and atop Vipp’s Copenhagen headquarters, with many more planned for the future. While Vipp is best known for their sleek pedal-controlled trash bin, the design brand expanded into the hospitality business after they received a flood of requests to stay at their prototype Shelter, a prefabricated plug and play dwelling created in 2014. Starting this month, the metal-and-glass Vipp Shelter is available for booking and offers 55 square meters of modern cabin space on the forested shore of Sweden’s Lake Immeln. The second destination available is the 400-square-meter Vipp Loft, designed in collaboration with Danish architect David Thulstrup , that’s set above Vipp’s Copenhagen headquarters in an old paperprinting factory. The Vipp Shelter and Vipp Loft are both outfitted in Vipp home products, but have very different characters. Vipp Shelter, which the firm describes as a “battery-charging station for humans,” is clad in black with felt-lined walls, ceramic tile floor, and full-height glazing overlooking the lake. In contrast, the Vipp Loft is much more urbane, filled with light-toned wood, and decorated with vintage furnishings and contemporary art. A stay at the Vipp shelter is 1,000 euros per night, while the Vipp Loft starts at 2,000 euros per night. Related: The Vipp Shelter is a plug-and-play prefab home that can be placed just about anywhere “Our destinations all share the same goal; we want to invite people to experience firsthand our philosophy of good design in a place out of the ordinary,” says Kasper Egelund, CEO at Vipp. “Our ambition is to have a palette of destinations with rooms curated to people who seek a one-off design experience, or customers who want to try to live with the Vipp kitchen in a home-away-from-home setting. A Vipp kitchen is for life, but you can start with just a weekend.” VIP’s third room, the Chimney House, will open in early 2018 inside a historic water pumping station in northern Copenhagen . + Vipp

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Vipp launches very untraditional hotel rooms, starting at 1,000 Euro per night


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