Vintage Bicycles Get Crocheted in Cape Town

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Whether you want to call it yarn-bombing or guerrilla knitting , this craze has spread across the world in a colorful display of environmentally friendly public art. Isabeau Joubert has done something similar over in Cape Town, South Africa, giving two vintage bicycles a dazzling makeover by using brightly colored wool in a burst of yarn graffiti . The crocheted bicycles were a gift to not only their owners but to the city of Cape Town itself; a piece of public art that aims to inspire others to get on their bikes. Joubert used a bright orange wool to reflect how much she loves exploring the city by bicycle, so now these happy-go-lucky bikes are spreading the message to fellow urban dwellers! Read the rest of Vintage Bicycles Get Crocheted in Cape Town Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: bicycles , bicycling , bike , bikes , biking , crocheting , cycling , fiber art , fibre art , green art , guerrilla knitting , Isabeau Joubert , knitting , public art , sustainable artwork , urban biking , urban transport , yarn , yarn bombing , yarn graffiti        

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Vintage Bicycles Get Crocheted in Cape Town


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