Vadxx Energy To Repurpose Plastics Into Fuel in Akron, OH

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The City of Akron, Ohio recently announced a contract with Greenstar Recycling  (a local recycling facility) for processing the recyclable material picked up at the curb.  Greenstar Recycling  is partnering with the City of Akron to increase recycling in Ohio’s fifth largest metropolitan area and will construct a “state-of-the-art” recycling facility within the corporate limits of Akron. But this is no ordinary curb-side recycling or facility. This facility will include innovative technology that converts recovered plastic into synthetic crude oil. These services will be provided jointly by local company Vadxx Energy, LLC, and Greenstar. How it Works and What Kind of Waste Can Be Used? Vadxx Energy (Cleveland, OH)  manufactures synthetic crude oil, natural gas and recovers metals using raw material feedstock consisting of petroleum-based wastes. The raw material feedstock includes auto fluff, e-wastes, scrap tires, recyclable and non-recyclable plastics, synthetic fibers, used industrial solvents, waste oil and heavy refinery bottom oil. Vadxx has a license to implement patented technology, has a research and development office and a pilot plant in Akron, OH. Energy from Waste Flowchart: Image Credit, Vadxx Per Vadxx, Every year, 300 million tires are scrapped, and 12% of US municipal solid waste entering landfills is unsorted plastic. In addition, used carpeting, e-waste plastic and automotive fluff (“auto fluff”, 25% of what remains from automobile recycling) is becoming an increasing source of environmental hazards. In particular, there is an ample supply of auto fluff. Auto fluff is presently being disposed of in landfills at a cost to the generator. Industrial and automotive waste oils, spent industrial solvents and restaurant cooking oils add to the liquid waste problem. These along with restaurant grease and cooking oils can be incorporated into the Vadxx process. Moreover, Vadxx is researching additional possible feedstocks (i.e. paint, hazardous petroleum liquids). Benefits and Environmental Effects It is possible the Vadxx process can handle these in an environmentally safe manner, while providing excellent economic returns and keeping waste from landfills. Vadxx also claims that its process limits the environmental footprint of air emissions through target minimization of CO2, NOx and SOx production as well as scrubbing prior to oil condensation. Also the fact that the Vadxx manufacturing units are modular helps decentralize the points of discharge, minimizing each plant’s total emissions. The City of Akron is obviously pleased with this deal, with Mayor Don Plusquellic saying, “The facility will contribute to the growth and sustainability of Akron by returning an existing building to a manufacturing purpose with significant investment for equipment, building use and creation of new green jobs.” This is promising technology that conveys multiple environmental benefits. Once proved successful in Akron, OH, hopefully this process can be used in many other municipalities across the US.  

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Vadxx Energy To Repurpose Plastics Into Fuel in Akron, OH


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