Unique asymmetrical home in the Netherlands takes a novel approach to sustainability

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Dutch firm Global Architects completed a dream modern villa that breaks from the traditional gabled architecture of the Netherlands. Shaped like a giant boulder, House as a Rock rises from the dunes like a craggy monolithic sculpture that complements the hilly landscape. In addition to its unusual form, the contemporary house stands out for its adoption of sustainable features, including efficient insulation and use of ground heat pumps. Located in Westlandse Zoom in the south of the Netherlands, House as a Rock overlooks a waterway and grassy dunes. The client asked for a modern and minimalist design that maximized natural light and views of the landscape, particularly of the water. To satisfy those requirements, the architects created an asymmetrical home with large windows but nestled it between serrated dunes to provide privacy on the north, east, and west sides. The southern facade is left exposed with the largest windows and an outdoor terrace that extends towards the water. Each facade is distinct in response to different site conditions. “Just as each facade has their own character, there is not a single space inside the house that is quite the same,” write the architects. “This is apparent from the outside through the various sizes of the windows, who are key elements in both the interior and the facade. Light, space, views and unique living are at the heart of this exceptional design. The villa is an eye catcher in the dunes and at the same time blends into the surroundings.” Related: Gorgeous dune-inspired home uses bio-fuel to minimize its carbon footprint To mimic the landscape, House as a Rock was created with a neutral color palette with a brick exterior painted in a light sandy color. The minimalist interior features concrete, timber, steel, stone, and glass to create a muted backdrop for the vibrant artworks displayed throughout the home. The house is equipped with two 135-meter-deep earth thermal ground heat pumps, radiant floor heating and cooling, a solar heater, highly efficient insulation, natural ventilation, and solar shades towards the south. + Global Architects Images © Mirko Merchiori

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Unique asymmetrical home in the Netherlands takes a novel approach to sustainability


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