Trippy transforming coffee table illuminates microscopic art

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Thanks to the popularity of tiny home living , flexible furniture is more popular than ever. However, one inventive company is taking it one trippy step forward by adding microscopic art into the mix. Designed by Italian firm Art Is Therapy , the Microcromo is a 3D-printed , transformable coffee table that illuminates with a top of glowing microscopic art. According to Marco Zagaria, creator of the funky 3D-printed table , the inspiration for Microcromo came from the desire to blend multifunctional furniture design with his own love of microscopic art photography. The table tops are created using a series of unique micro-images photographed with the microscope. The images of veiny patterns and vivid colors are backlit with ambient lighting system controlled by an app, creating one very unique art piece within the table. Related: 11 pieces of transforming furniture that work wonders for small spaces Adding flexibility to the design , the table’s telescopic base is retractable so that the table can be almost completely flattened. This feature not only lets homeowners open up their living space quickly, but also means that the table can be hung on the wall as a stand-alone art piece. Zagaria says that the table’s artsy and functional design was inspired by the common confines of living in a tiny space ,  “ As more and more people decide to live in small homes, they must have objects that are more functional while still having a strong impact of design, at the same time.” + Art Is Therapy

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Trippy transforming coffee table illuminates microscopic art


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