Tiny Homie camper expands from roadworthy to camp-ready in a minute

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Of all the tiny trailers in all the towns, this one rolled into our line of sight and won us over right away. The Homie represents the next-generation of miniature recreational vehicles , and it is designed to expand in camp in a very clever way. Rather than pushing out horizontally as many expanding RVs do, the Homie doubles in length when the outer shell is rotated back 90 degrees and fastened to the front inner shell. Click through the gallery to see how quickly and easily the trailer sets up, and for a closer look inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Yc_7XNjNk8 An only slightly beefed up version of its cousin, the bike-drawn Wide Path Camper, the Homie camper is still quite compact. When folded for travel, it measures just 58 inches wide, 57 inches long, and 39 inches wide. Parked and expanded, it it nearly doubles in length to 112 inches. With its towing equipment, the Homie weighs 440 lbs, which is fairly light for a vehicle of its size. Its clever expandable design means the Homie can go from road-worthy to camp-ready in about a minute, which the company demonstrates in the video embedded above. Related: Foldable Wide Path Camper is a whole different kind of bike trailer What this little Homie lacks in elbow room, it makes up for in amenities. The tiny trailer is outfitted with nearly all the basics the wanton traveler might need for a life on the road, including a dining table and seating area that convert to a cozy bed. An optional solar package turns the little rig into an off-grid basecamp, and buyers can select other add-ons to enhance their mobile adventures, too. The Homie is offered with bronze or grey window tints, and a “Lux” package with thicker cushions and matching trim. The trailer can even be ordered with kitchen tools, such as bowls and cutlery. Priced at $7,245, the Homie is for sale in the United States and Europe. Production and delivery are expected in 2018. + Wide Path Camper: Homie Via New Atlas Images via Wide Path Camper

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Tiny Homie camper expands from roadworthy to camp-ready in a minute


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