Tiny Heirloom’s luxury micro homes let you live large in small spaces

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Style isn’t the only thing that’s big in Tiny Heirloom’s luxurious and beautifully detailed tiny homes—the custom base model package starts at a hefty $65,000 price tag. For that price however, clients can expect high-end materials like granite countertops and real-wood or bamboo flooring. The package also includes, but is not limited to, a Dickinson p12000 heater, in-house speakers, all LED lighting, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer combo unit, painted or stained interior and exterior, basic wind or solar package, bathroom unit, delivery, and a flight out from any of the 48 continental US states so that the client can meet the Tiny Heirloom team and see their custom home under construction. Related: INTERVIEW: Tiny House Pioneer Dee Williams Discusses Living Large in 84 Square Feet in Her New Memoir “The Big Tiny: A Built-it-Myself Memoir” The cost also covers all the legality headaches that can come with tiny homes ; Tiny Heirloom promises to take care of all manufacturing licenses and other legalities to ensure a stress-free experience. The company’s estimated average construction time for a Tiny Heirloom home is anywhere from 90 to 120 days. + Tiny Heirloom Images via Tiny Heirloom

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Tiny Heirloom’s luxury micro homes let you live large in small spaces


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