This Vietnamese home has moving walls that bring in natural light and fresh air

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Ho Chi Minh City-based firm Nishizawa Architects created a gorgeous multi-family home that is built to withstand and embrace the natural climate. To provide a breezy, naturally-lit interior, the architects decided to forgo solid walls and install movable partitions that create a peaceful harmony between the living space and its surroundings. Located in Chau Doc, a border town about seven hours from Ho Chi Minh City, the home was constructed for three families to share. The home’s interior  was designed to provide each family with privacy without sacrificing a pleasant living environment. Related: Renovated apartment in Barcelona boasts flexible wooden walls and gorgeous mosaic floors The house’s frame is made from locally-sourced timber set into concrete columns. The architects decided to top the home with three butterfly roofs at differing heights to create an open, spacious interior. The windows and walls were made from thin corrugated metal panels that swing open to let optimal amounts of natural sunlight and ventilation into the home. These natural elements help maintain the various pockets of greenery found throughout the residence. The home also offers stunning views of the expansive rice fields in the distance. + Nishizawa Architects Via Fuzbiz Images via Nishizawa Architects

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This Vietnamese home has moving walls that bring in natural light and fresh air


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