This stunning vintage Airstream is a Scandinavian design dream come true

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We always love a great Airstream conversion , and this Scandinavian-inspired renovation is making us green with design envy. Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw renovated the vintage 1971 Airstream Sovereign by implementing simple, but gorgeous design principles inspired by Scandinavian functionality. Using white walls and semi-minimalistic decor, the tiny 200-square-feet space is now a beautiful home the couple affectionately calls their “ Tin Can Homestead .” The adventurous couple are no strangers to breathing life into vintage vehicles. Before buying the old airstream, they converted a 1978 Volkswagen van into a livable camper to travel around the country. Once that trip was over, they had been permanently bitten by the tiny home living bug and decided to buy the 1971 Airstream, which gave them more living space. After one year of renovations and restorations, they now have a beautiful 200-square-foot home with an amazing interior. Related: 7 retro-chic Airstream renovations The Tin Can Homestead is a stunning example of Airstream conversion done right. The renovation process as well as the interior design was inspired by Scandinavian design, meaning that the process focused on custom-made furniture and a clean, clutter-free design. The result is a living space that is light and airy, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. All-white walls and ceilings open up the interior, which is enhanced with fun hints of colors, warm wood tones, and personal knick-knacks from the couple’s travels. The couple’s most prized possession – besides their two little dogs – is a patterned daybed mattress that adds a hint of “bohemian eclectic glam” to the interior design . The kitchen design is an enviable space thanks to its clutter-free layout and simple black-and-white tiled backsplash. The bedroom is also a warm space, with a king-size bed that is big enough for 6-foot tall Bashaw. The camper is equipped with plenty of storage and various hanging plants around the home also enhance the healthy, airy atmosphere. Although the transformation resulted in a beautifully mellow space, the conversion process was anything but uncomplicated. When asked about the hardest part of the process, Lawyer said that building furniture to fit around the airstream’s curves presented quite the challenge, “Never again will I build furniture to fit inside what is basically a Twinkie.” Such a dreamy day in Seattle today so I threw open all the windows and did a little planting. A post shared by tin can homestead (@tincanhomestead) on May 3, 2017 at 4:30pm PDT The couple recently sold the home to a new family, but you can check out tons of dreamy photos of the Tin Can Homestead on their Instagram page. + Tin Can Homestead Via Apartment Therapy

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This stunning vintage Airstream is a Scandinavian design dream come true


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