This startup is turning air pollution into art

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Air pollution is a huge problem in many parts of the world – including in Mumbai , where Anirudh Sharma grew up. Sharma noticed one day that his t-shirts were being covered in a dirty soot and decided to do something about it. So he started Graviky Labs and created technology that captures particulate matter at the source. That matter is then turned into ink that artists around the world can use to bring attention to air pollution. Sharma was studying in the MIT Media Lab when he decided that he wanted to do something about the air pollution in his hometown. Mumbai is particularly infamous for their air pollution , which can cause lung damage, cancer and shorten lifespans. His goal was to create “less pollution, more art.” Related: Daan Roosegaarde introduces smog-sucking, air-cleaning bikes KAALINK is a small device that fits on car exhaust or diesel generators to capture air pollution using static electricity. After a few weeks, the cartridges are then emptied and sent to Graviky Labs to be turned into Air-Ink. Unlike other soot-capturing systems, KAALINK doesn’t need water to trap pollution. That makes it an even greener option. Artists from around the world have used Air-Ink to create pieces that you can see for yourself on Graviky Lab’s Facebook page . A Kickstarter campaign this summer also sold T-shirts, postcards, shoes, and helmets decorated in Air-Ink. + Graviky Labs Via MIT Labs

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This startup is turning air pollution into art


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