This new Berlin apartment building literally purifies the city’s air

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Daniel Libeskind ‘s first residential project in Berlin is a spectacular faceted building that literally purifies the air. Sapphire is clad in geometric stoneware tiles coated in a layer of titanium dioxide that breaks down dirt and grime when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. The crystalline facade of the building is dominated by angular windows and canted walls that create balconies and intimate outdoor nooks that enhance the quality of the units. Each of the apartments has a unique plan with high-performance triple-glazed windows and external louvers. Related: Daniel Libeskind’s funky metallic apartments will purify the Berlin air The team made some of the windows fixed to adapt to the irregular shape of the volume, while the operable ones all conform to a standard dimension. While the upper floors house living units, retail shops occupy the ground floor of the building, along with underground parking and common outdoor area. The remarkable facade is clad in 3,600 Casalgrande Padana tiles, 500 of which are standard-sized while the other 3,100 tiles have been custom shaped. Each tile is specifically positioned to fit the architect’s vision, and the installation of the tiles took four months to complete. The titanium dioxide coating , produced by TOTO, allows the facade to clean itself and the air when it is exposed to natural light. + Studio Libeskind + Sapphire Berlin Via The Architect’s Newspaper Lead photo via Sapphire Berlin and Jan Bitter

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This new Berlin apartment building literally purifies the city’s air


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