This amazing rotating home lets you change the view with a push of a button

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UK-based D*Haus has put a new “spin” on residential architecture by developing a home with a spectacular rotating roof! The newly unveiled Devon House has a glazed top floor that spins on circular platform, giving the homeowners unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside from literally every angle. The rotating home was designed to make the most of views on the sloped site. “Our client dreamt of waking up in their bed with views across this landscape and then having the ability to rotate the living room and kitchen so that they could enjoy the same view throughout the day,” explained David Ben Grunberg and Daniel Woolfson from D*Haus. Related: The Transforming D*Haus Changes Shape to Accommodate Different Seasons Building upon their Dynamic D*Haus, the architects developed a triangular swiveling roof that wouldn’t distract from the home’s rough stone base, “We took an equilateral triangle and started to rotate it around an open core, we wanted the circle to be a rotating platform that would move and change with the external climatic conditions and with the clients preferences,” said the architects. The resulting design is an equilateral volume with three elongated corners that house a bedroom, lounge, and dining room on the top floor. The home rotates in accordance with the sun’s position as well as changing seasons and weather conditions. Every room has large glazed walls that offers amazing views and tons of natural light . + The D*Haus Company Via Dezeen Images by Jason Luckett and Park Hin Yeung

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This amazing rotating home lets you change the view with a push of a button


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