This aerodynamic tiny home embraces flexible indoor-outdoor living

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As anyone in the tiny home community knows, space comes at a premium. Most tiny home inhabitants also love to look for ways to incorporate nature and the outside world into their living space. French tiny home builder Ty Rodou has made this goal easier with the release of the Ty Bombadil tiny home. This tiny house offers a breezy outdoor feel along with a very desirable feature — an additional deck to provide ample  outdoor living space. Of course, there is no reason to escape the indoor space, designed with style and functionality in mind. Starting in the kitchen, the Ty Bombadil features an expandable table that folds into the wall when not in use and built-in drawers for storage. The streamlined kitchen offers plenty of counter space, a cooktop stove, a small refrigerator, a sink with drainboard and a unique, rustic shelving area. Related: Stunning micro home features reclaimed materials and large garage door for entertaining A removable ladder mounts to the wall when it isn’t being used to lead up to the loft, which incorporates lift-top storage bays in an L-shaped design around the edge of the space. The outdoor theme is carried throughout the tiny home with branch-shaped handrails at the loft entrance and in the shelving designs. Looking down onto the multi-use living room/bedroom area, you can see the built-in bed or couch frame with pull-out storage drawers below and bed-to-ceiling shelving up the wall along with built-in cabinets above. The small bathroom continues the all-wood decor with a framed-in composting toilet and tower-shaped support for a wooden bowl sink. Related: Off-grid tiny home with beautiful undulating roof was almost entirely built with reclaimed materials The space is bright with several large windows, double doors and an airy feel. In fact, the entire curved design facilitates aerodynamic transportation. + Ty Rodou Via Tiny House Talk Images via Ty Rodou

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This aerodynamic tiny home embraces flexible indoor-outdoor living


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