The NanoLight Touts Itself as the World’s Most Efficient LED Light Bulb

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When trying to squeeze every last penny out of your utilities, picking the right light bulb could go a long way towards reducing your bills. LED bulbs have exploded in popularity due to their efficiency and longevity – and the new NanoLight claims to be the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb, emitting over 1600 lumens while using only 12 watts of power. While there are many 20-60 watt LED equivalent bulbs on the market, the omnidirectional NanoLight is the first 100 watt comparable device. Completely eliminating the need for a heat sink, the NanoLight claims to be 87% more efficient than a standard incandescent and it uses 50% less energy than a compact fluorescent. Created by Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, and Christian Yan from the University of Toronto, the NanoLight is currently being launched through a Kickstarter campaign. The NanoLight comes in three models, with its flagship 12 watt bulb equivalent to a traditional 100 watt light. The 12 watt model goes for a minimum pledge of $45, a cost that the team claims will pay for itself in energy savings over its 25-30 year lifespan. The LED electronic components are mounted on a printed circuit board folded to resemble the shape of a traditional bulb using surface mount technology. All three versions are available in 120V AC and 220-240V AC, so they’re compatible with different geographic regions. + NanoLight Via Gizmag

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The NanoLight Touts Itself as the World’s Most Efficient LED Light Bulb


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