Technicolor greenhouse in Tokyo converts into pulsating light show when plants are touched

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Although dancing in most greenhouses might be inappropriate in most cases, the fun Digital Vegetables installation in Tokyo is enticing visitors to bust a groove among the greenery. Created by Tokyo design company, Party , the installation is a digitally-equipped greenhouse filled with plants that set off a disco-like light and sound show when touched. Located in Tokyo’s Midtown’s garden space, the installation is part of the Design Touch event, whose 2017 theme is unsurprisingly “touch”. The Digital Vegetable (“Digi Vege” as its known locally) is a fun greenhouse pavilion filled with seven different kinds of veggies. The tags on the veggies invite visitors to gently touch the plant, which is connected digitally to a programmed system that immediately triggers a series of vibrant lights and ambient sounds that run though the pavilion. Related: NASA unveils inflatable greenhouse for sustainable farming on Mars The idea behind the interactive installation is to encourage people to consider the shapes and sounds that make up the hidden ecosystem of plants . “Start off by touching the 7 types of lives now growing strong in the soil,” says Naoki Ito, the design’s project leader. “Then, bathe in the design of vegetables, enhanced by videos and sounds.” As for the accompanying soundtrack, sound designer Ray Kunimoto created a melody by mixing orchestra instrumentals with actual recordings of rubbing seeds, touching leaves, and eating fruits. He explains: “Tomatoes are violin, carrots are trumpet, cabbages are oboe, mini radishes are flute, sweet potatoes are piano, eggplants are harp, pumpkins are clarinet”. + Digital Vegetable + Party Via This is Colossal Images via Digital Vegetables

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Technicolor greenhouse in Tokyo converts into pulsating light show when plants are touched


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