Cinematiq glasses are made from strips of vintage films

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Love movies? Now you have the opportunity to carry real movie scenes wherever you go with eyeglasses that feature pieces of actual strips from vintage 16 and 35mm films . The Cinematiq Eyewear team used film from old movie theaters, TV stations and private collections to handcraft the recently launched collection featuring original footage from two films– Shogun’s shadow (1989) and Fists of the double K (1973). Zachary Tipton, founder and owner of Cinematiq eyewear and Tipton Eyeworks first experimented with inserting film into eyewear back in 2005, and decided to revisit the concept with his new Cinematiq collection set to launch this month. All film is screened before use in production, then laminated to protect the emulsion from scratches and moisture. The lamination also reinforces the film before being laser cut and riveted between two stainless steel temple halves. Related: Bags made from movie film make recycling fashionable The team examined miles of films frame by frame to curate the final scenes which would be the best fit the design. Eventually, they chose scenes from two films–Shogun’s shadow (1989) and Fists of the Double K (1973)- both of which have an abundance of outdoor scenes with natural lighting making them perfect for viewing with the naked eye. + Cinematiq Eyewear

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Cinematiq glasses are made from strips of vintage films

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