Recycling Prodigies Wanted! Big Prizes on the Line

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Eco-minded students, listen up: You can be rewarded for your creativity and recycling prowess, thanks to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and JASON Learning. They’re holding a contest providing young filmmakers, artists and…

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Recycling Prodigies Wanted! Big Prizes on the Line

hot wheels.

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Ready to start spending some time outside?  Start thinking about some garden projects, like reusing an old bucket, basket, or wheelbarrow and bump your garden decor up a green notch.  We were inspired by a friend of ours made this mini-garden on wheels from an old wheelbarrow she found in a neighbor’s garbage pile.  First, she filled it with an under-layer for the soil.  Try packing peanuts or pieces of a broken pot or plate for a free and eco-friendly alternative.  Then, fill with soil and planted flowers.  This one features calendula and violas (which flower all summer), but almost any flower will work.  The “cherry on top”? Some compost from your winter compost pile add extra nutrients.  Not only will you give your creativity a spring workout, you’ll have something unique in your garden that will last for years. Thanks to Rachel Bruya Walker for submitting this tip!

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hot wheels.

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