How architects can control a building’s intelligence

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Fixed attributes of a building play a major part in developing its eventual IQ — and how it will operate.

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How architects can control a building’s intelligence

Paris Introducing EV-Sharing Program

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Paris has introduced plans for a city-wide EV car-sharing network that will operate much like its successful Velib bike-sharing system .  The car-sharing program will begin on December 5 with 250 EVs available. The system will allow users to pick up and drop off the cars at different locations as long as they’re returned to a designated parking spot.  The chosen vehicles, called Bluecars , will be outfitted with computer systems that let drivers know where those parking spaces are. The Bluecars are tiny, compact EVs being built by Pininfarina, who also makes Ferrari and Maserati vehicles.  The small EVs will have solid-state lithium metal polymer batteries that Pininfarina claims have a lifespan of 200,000 km and require no maintenance. via IEEE

Paris Introducing EV-Sharing Program

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