Winners of tiny house competition pack comfort and functionality into 269 square feet

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Modular building company Ryterna modul recently announced the winners of their Architectural Challenge 2018 competition. Participants were tasked with designing a cozy, functional, modular 269-square-foot tiny house with a living area, sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom. They received 150 projects from designers in 88 countries and narrowed the field down to three winners and an honorable mention. Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi of Iran took first place with his Wave House . Wave House curves up on both sides, with the goal of maximizing use of natural resources. The curves of water in nature inspired the design , and naturally, water and its use features prominently in this tiny house. Water from the sinks and shower are sent to a refinery tank to be purified and re-pumped. High windows in the tiny house invite occupants to fully enjoy surrounding natural landscape, and a folding desk inside is just one feature that creates more space. Related: How one couple adapted a 204-square-foot tiny house for their new baby Julia and Stas Kaptur of Russia nabbed second place for their tiny house 24052705 . They said they entered the competition because “it is a big dream to create spaces in picturesque, hard-to-reach places, such as a river bank, or deep-deep forest.” Transparent external walls with sliding doors invite dwellers of this tiny home to enjoy nature from any room. 24052705 features modular rooms with a living room in the middle. In the standard design, a bedroom and kitchen/bathroom are on either side. The design can be enlarged to include more rooms. William Samin of Indonesia took home third place for his tiny house TM 0301 . He comprised his design of modules that can be stacked or mounted horizontally. The tiny house can be adapted to different types of terrain with a vertical configuration or on stilts . Pivot walls or what Samin called glazing doors can be opened to allow fresh air to flood the home. Floor level storage for rollable mattresses or folded furniture maximize space in the design. The tiny house can go off-grid with a rainwater collection system and solar panels. Ryterna modul gave an honorable mention to Clarence Zichen Qian of China for ATN . They said in their video that his highly theoretical concept prompted them to reflect and think deeper about human existence. ATN can be a tilted or leaning tiny house that’s pictured perched atop other buildings, “detached from the crowd,” according to the PDF on the design. The purpose of the tiny house is to give an occupant time away from social media , in which they can observe and ponder the meaning of life. + Ryterna modul + Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2018 Images courtesy of Ryterna modul

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Winners of tiny house competition pack comfort and functionality into 269 square feet

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