Spend the night in this magical Hobbit House tucked into the Washington shire

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Tiny house builder Kristie Wolfe has created an amazing hobbit home in Washington’s breathtaking Columbia River Gorge – and now you can experience hobbit life firsthand! Wolfe’s solar-powered hobbit house is now available to rent on Airbnb . No word on if Bilbo Baggins will be stopping by for tea. The 288 square foot home was built entirely from scratch on a 5.5 acre plot near Chelan, Washington. It comes with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space with a beautiful stone fireplace at the heart of the design. The tiny cottage has a series of large, round windows that let in natural light and provide amazing views of the rolling green hills that extend out to the mountainside. Related: Washington Hobbit Hole is the first of three in an off-grid Shire The home’s interior is filled with rustic hobbit-inspired touches. In fact, Wolfe used all-natural products and techniques that one would assume hobbits implemented in their own homes. According to Wolfe, the corkwood floor alone took over 1,200 rounds and countless hours of cutting, gluing, and grouting. The hobbit home is completely off grid, thanks to solar panels and various sustainable touches. The home uses water from a nearby water tower and a greywater recycling system irrigates the grass on top of the home. A propane heater keeps the space warm and cozy. In case you’re worried about boredom, the many hobbit-themed amenities will keep you pleasantly occupied. Kirsten has filled the charming cottage with books of riddles, pastries wrapped up like lembas (a type of Elven bread), a hidden precious treasure, etc. Whittled furniture and accessories can be found throughout the charming home. Of course, once you step outside the home, there’s a whole world of nature at your doorstep, just on the other side of the fence made of woven sticks and branches. At the moment, the cottage offers the ultimate in solitude, but Kirsten already has plans to expand it: “I want to build a communal kitchen … that will look like an English-style pub,” Wolfe said. “People from all over can meet, or come stay with their friends and family, and break bread together like hobbits would.” + Airbnb Hobbit Hole + Tiny House on the Prairie Via Apartment Therapy Images via Airbnb

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Spend the night in this magical Hobbit House tucked into the Washington shire

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