Adobe brick combines with wood in a low-carbon villa in Chiang Mai

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Architectural practice Chiangmai Life Architects has completed a striking villa that blends elements of traditional Thai architecture together with environmentally savvy construction practices and modern amenities fit for 21st-century living. Located in the mountains of northern Thailand , the project, dubbed the ‘Earth & Wood Villa,’ was built primarily of locally sourced natural materials from the self-made adobe bricks to the exposed timber elements throughout. In addition to mountain vistas, the property is sandwiched between Lamyai tree orchards and rice fields, views of which are maximized throughout the home. Spanning an area of nearly 7,500 square feet, the expansive residence serves as the family home for a couple and their three children. The main house is a U-shaped structure oriented toward the north with four bedrooms lined up in a row in the east-facing private wing. The open-plan living area, dining room, kitchen and pantry are clustered across a hallway in the south of the building; full-height glazed folding doors open the living room and dining area up to an outdoor swimming pool. An entertainment area is in the west wing. A small home office is tucked into a second-floor mezzanine gallery and overlooks views of the surrounding landscape. The guest cottage with a sunset veranda sits adjacent to the main house. To meet modern living comforts, the residence is equipped with air conditioning in the private wing; however, it relies solely on natural ventilation in the living areas. Large openings allow for cross breezes and hot air while the raised roof — inspired by local vernacular architecture — permits hot air to escape and induces air circulation. The thick adobe brick walls that were built of local clay, sand and bamboo shavings provide thermal insulation. The exterior is coated in a water-resistant mixture of lime and fine earth powder. Related: Breathtaking bamboo building withstands earthquakes and boasts a zero-carbon footprint Locally sourced  bamboo  was used to construct the carport, barn and entrance gate; natural stone tiles were used for flooring. “The client was looking for a modern interpretation of using natural materials,” Chiangmai Life Architects explained. “Adobe brick walls combined with wooden roof structures were designed in a way to make this earth and wood residence both functional as a modern family home as well as in harmony with its environment and surroundings. This meant a design and finish fit for the needs and requirements of a 21st century family.” + Chiangmai Life Architects Photogrpahy by  Alberto Cosi , drone shots by Markus Roselieb via Chiangmai Life Architects

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Adobe brick combines with wood in a low-carbon villa in Chiang Mai

Unique Fuzzy House offers locals a public shortcut through the building

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When architecture studio Situation-based Operation (SO) was asked to create a home in Chiang Mai , the brief came with an unusual request: preserve the existing desire path. Since the plot had been left empty for many years, locals had created a desire path, or shortcut, through the land between two roads—and the owner wanted to keep that path functional for the community. As a result, the architects designed the Fuzzy House, a concrete home that blurs the line between public and private use. Set on a 600-square-meter plot, the Fuzzy House is a two-story bunker -like home spread out across two floors. The preserved shortcut is left as a narrow alley on the east side of the home between two structures and fronted by a patch of weeds. The garage entrance sits on the west end. “The house was considered to still let that path being in function even when the construction is finished, and to appear almost as nothing much happens from constructing this house,” wrote the architects. “The result is a building fuzzily sits between privacy and public domain whereas the owner can live his private life within the double enclosed space.” Related: Artists recycle hundreds of plastic bottles into a dynamic arch in Chiang Mai The first floor also includes an open-plan kitchen, dining area, and living room, as well as a working area and terrace. Gardens are interspersed throughout the first level. The master bedroom and bathroom are upstairs and open up to roof terraces. Natural light streams into the home through carefully placed openings and skylights that preserve privacy. + Situation-based Operation Images via Filippo Poli

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Unique Fuzzy House offers locals a public shortcut through the building

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