Salvaged ‘Tiny Texas Houses’ Redefine Small-Space Living

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Though “Tiny Texas Houses” range in size from 63 to 360 square feet, they’re equipped with everything an owner needs to live comfortably.

Salvaged ‘Tiny Texas Houses’ Redefine Small-Space Living

7 Smallest homes in the world

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Aswin Krishna R: Small houses For solo life Every day many homes are built around the world, but only few homes are popular because they are either big or small. These homes also give you the same comfort as big ones but in a small space. Most of the small homes are mobile homes, which are used by the travelers during travel. This is most beneficial for those leading a solo life. These homes will be unique in shape and offers luxury also. Let us see seven smallest homes in the world in the following. 1. A truly ‘eco’ abode A truly ‘eco’ abode Traveler kit This mobile home is owned by Paul Elkin. It is a compact cycle home, the small home is attached to a cycle, so we can use this wherever we travel. It consists of small bed to sleep and relax, bulb, small shelf to store food or accessories, upward door and can stand. This is an eco friendly home because it saves energy and also the building materials. Living in these mobile homes have lot of advantages like fresh air, more outer space and no security issues but luxury will be less. 2. Tumbleweed houses Tumbleweed Houses Wooden house Jay Shafer, cofounder of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has been living in the tiny home from 1997. His company’s designs lot of tiny homes with most of the facilities. Those homes include a small work space, cabin/shelf, bedroom, bathroom, porch to sit out and relax in evening. This home is more than enough for a bachelor and it also helps eco life. Most of these homes are made up of wooden materials only. 3. Tiny Texas houses Tiny Texas Houses Old style Tiny Texas House is a company based in Luling, Texas. This company builds the homes with a blend of future and past. Also these houses are eco friendly as the materials are made from recycled materials. These homes will look like a miniature model of traditional wooden homes. It can accommodate maximum of two people and it consists of a small terrace, 3 to 4 windows, living room, restroom and a kitchen. These homes are popular in Texas. 4. Toronto’s little house Toronto’s Little House Small with all facilities This home is the smallest non mobile home in Toronto, Canada. This small home is placed between two large sized homes and its architecture is similar to larger sized homes. The size of this home is 312 square-ft space and around 12 ft tall. It includes a small bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, entrance with lawn, small backyard and work space. This well furnished and designed home comes with a huge price tag of $179,900. 5. Rollit homes This type of modular home is designed by Students of University of Karlsruhe, Germany. These homes are entirely different in shape than conventional homes and built with wood. It is a rotatable home which changes its shape by just walking in the center. It also serves as an exercise tool. This home includes a bed, lounge chair, table, shower, toilet, kitchen and windows. 6. Eco bike trailer Eco bike trailer is a another mobile home designed by Paul Elkins. It consists of a solar oven for cooking and wind turbine for energy. It is best for travelers as it is compact and portable. It can accommodate one person and it includes a bed, upside door, desk, shelf and can slots. Only problem in this home is no restroom, so we have to do that in open space only. Really these kinds of homes are best to travel alone and during you can relax and enjoy a lot. 7. Single Haux home Single Hauz Modern wonder These kinds of homes can be built anywhere and also it is easy to move. These homes are designed by Polish architects to save space. Each home consists of a strong pillar, which holds the home on its top. Ladder is placed at the bottom to reach the home and it consists of a small balcony, bedroom, restroom, work space and a kitchen. Single Haux home can be placed anywhere on the land like forests, mountains, city center, deserts and in water body also. Home is a blend of old and modern design and it is also an eco friendly home.

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7 Smallest homes in the world

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