First Hybrid Street Sweeper Cleans Up NYC

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The world’s first hybrid street sweeper has begun cleaning the streets of New York City.  The Allianz 4000 is a diesel hybrid that reduces diesel fuel use by 40 – 45 percent compared to traditional street sweepers. The Allianz 4000 also features two 12v lithium-ion batteries and an electric traction drive system which, in addition to the diesel engine, both propel the truck and spin the broom at a constant speed.  The sweeper has a top speed of 60 mph so it can travel on highways, but whie on duty it usually runs at about 3 – 7 mph. The benefits to the hybrid street sweeper are both the huge fuel savings and the lower emissions that easily fit under any city-wide laws requiring cuts in fleet emissions

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First Hybrid Street Sweeper Cleans Up NYC

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