Score 1150 worth of solar outdoor lighting in our summer solar giveaway

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Now that summer is almost upon us, we’re spending as much time as possible outdoors – and as longer days give way to warmer nights, the benefits of solar-powered lighting really start to shine. Solar outdoor lights will save you money on your electricity bill all year long, and they’re super convenient because they can be placed practically anywhere without worry about complicated electrical wiring. Solar power is ideal for street lamps, security lights, outdoor landscape lighting, path lighting, and entry lights. If you’d like to pick up some quality solar lamps this summer, you’re in luck – we’ve teamed up with product maker Deelat Industrial to offer you a shot at winning $1150 worth of solar outdoor lighting ! We’ll be selecting three lucky entrants to win Deelat Industrial gift certificates for outdoor solar lighting, valued at $700, $350, and $100. Simply enter our Rafflecopter contest below and share it with your friends to boost your chances of winning! Enter here for your chance to win: a Rafflecopter giveaway We’ll select three lucky entrants to win Deelat Industrial gift certificates valued at $700 , $350 , and $100 . Our $100 drawing will take place on June 13th; our $350 drawing will take place on June 14th; and our $700 grand prize drawing will take place on June 15th. Read on for a look at some of the prizes you can pick! DEELAT INDUSTRIAL SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS: Solar low landscape light – $240 for six Solar lights are great for illuminating areas of your backyard that are far away from an electricity outlet. This 32-inch-tall solar landscape light is perfect for lighting trails and garden features – and it lasts all night long after charging for 8 hours in the sun. Solar-powered outdoor LED landscape light – $242 Deelat Industrial’s powerful outdoor LED landscape light is perfect for areas where you need bright illumination in the evening hours, like a parking area, tennis court, pathway or garden. It charges during the day to provide 5 hours of 900 lumen LED lighting in a 20-foot radius around its base. After that, it provides a soft glow at 25% power until dawn. Solar-powered outdoor street light – $399 For commercial outdoor lighting needs, such as parking lots and streets, this Deelat Industrial streetlight provides 2000 lumen illumination over a 6-meter radius. 9-10 hours of bright sunlight will fully charge the battery for three nights of lighting – without any impact on your electricity bill. It’s also cheaper to install than a standard streetlight since it doesn’t need to be connected from the grid, and it can be placed practically anywhere. In addition to street lighting, it’s great for campuses and large gathering areas like tennis courts, big patios and gardens. Solar street and landscape light – $156 For driveways, parking lots, large gardens and streets where you need evening light, this solar street and landscape light is the perfect fit. It gathers light all day to shine with a moderate 300 lumen brightness for 5 hours, shifting to half that until dawn, to provide a steady light during the most active evening hours and accent light the rest of the night. When the passive infrared sensor is activated, it lights up with 1000 lumen illumination. Solar-powered motion light – $85 Deelat Industrial’s solar motion light is perfect for keeping your property safe with a whopping 1000 lumen illumination. As soon as the waterproof light senses motion, it turns on with light that can be set to bright, dim or dark, so it can be used in any space where you need instant brightness without having to flip a switch. Solar-powered outdoor step light – $45 Keep your stairs and walkways safe at night with a solar-powered outdoor step light . This light has 20 lumens for subtle accent lighting that lasts all night long. It’s perfect for creating ambience on your patio or courtyard, and it can also prevent trips and falls by providing a guiding light on staircases or entry ways. Small solar-powered motion sensor light – $22 This 200 lumen lamp automatically lights up when you approach – so it’s ideal for use as a security light or for lighting footpaths and high-trafficked entryways where you might have your hands full. A 12-hour charge in the sun will provide over three nights worth of power. Solar-powered 3-in-1 floating/pendant/ground globe light – $28 Looking for versatility in your lighting choices? This luminous globe can be hung high up like a pendant lamp, anchored to the ground to provide accent lighting for your garden or driveway, and it even floats – so you can set it up in a pond or fountain. Wall-mounted solar-powered sconce – $82 This European-style lantern makes a great addition to entryways, and since it’s solar powered there’s no complex requiring necessary. The sconce shines bright with 200 lumens and lasts all night long after soaking up 8 hours of sunlight. ABOUT OUR SPONSOR Deelat Industrial offers a wide range of high-quality solar lamps that are made to last from durable aluminum, toughened glass, and energy-efficient LEDs. From atmospheric garden lights and motion-detecting lamps to flood lamps and super-bright 8000 lumen streetlights , they’ve got every lighting need covered – and most of their solar lamps will last for 8-10 hours after a full day’s charge. + Deelat Industrial Save

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Score 1150 worth of solar outdoor lighting in our summer solar giveaway

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