Silvr offers smart alternative to single-use utensils

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Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Silvr’s innovative design team proves this with the new Silvr portable fork. Compact enough to slip into a pocket, purse, lunchbox or backpack, the sleek bullet design can stay with you on-the-go. A lightweight aluminum handle hides a full-size fork inside and doubles as storage and a base. The actual fork uses durable anti-microbial 304 stainless steel, rounding out this  waste-free  alternative to single-use plastic utensils.  Related: This sleek, reusable cutlery set can fit right inside your pocket While other brands on the market provide plastic silverware substitutes, Silvr offers an option that keeps you from toting around a full set, when you only need a salad fork. The portability makes Silvr a long-lasting option for work lunches, picnics or backpacking trips. Silvr is even TSA-approved so pack it along for longer trips too. When it’s time to clean up, simply give Silvr a rinse and place it back into the handle for storage . No need to dry it off — three holes at the handle’s base allows airflow to finish the job. Silvr is also dishwasher safe, so you can toss it in with your lunch dishes. Just remember to pack it again the next day. Five color options let you match the utensil to your personality. Hello Pretty offers a basic white design, while Drunken Zebra, Porcelain’s Cousin, Gagarrazzo and Lush provide more flair. With conscientious production in mind, Silvr ships in plastic-free packaging. Founder Olivia Gossett Cooper developed the product while earning her MBA in Sustainability, after looking for a suitable alternative to single-use plastic that was not only functional but fun. Personal Review The Silvr team sent me a product to try. It came in the mail within about 10 days, with its low environmental footprint packaging. The product’s weight indicates durability — nothing flimsy about it. While it takes a good tug to pull the cap off, this works to its favor when reinserting the fork into the handle. Once popped into place, the fork won’t fall apart when aggressively diving into food. Plus, the robust handle allows for a full-handed, tight grip. The tines themselves mimic a salad fork’s size rather than a dinner fork’s. This may seem small for some people, but I like that it does double duty by being small enough to pick up  rice, tiny noodles or baked beans .  When finished using the fork, it also takes a pretty strong yank to separate the pieces, but they easily secure back into place for storage. + Silvr Images via Silvr and Dawn Hammon

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Silvr offers smart alternative to single-use utensils

Dots Design Studio’s Beautiful PLYbikes are Handcrafted From Wood

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Bangkok -based Dots Design Studio makes handcrafted bicycles with glorious timber parts. Their PLYbike is made from strong stripy pieces of sandwiched wood veneer. The bikes are perfect for taking a spin around town, they were recently showcased at this year’s Milan Design Week . Read the rest of Dots Design Studio’s Beautiful PLYbikes are Handcrafted From Wood Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: bicycles , Dots Design Studio , eco-travel , green materials , green products , PLYbike , plywood bikes , Thai design

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Dots Design Studio’s Beautiful PLYbikes are Handcrafted From Wood

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