This tiny house on a sled is the perfect way to see the Northern Lights

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For years, transparent bubble-type lodging has been all the rage for enjoying the Northern Lights , but now there is a better way to observe this natural phenomenon. One inventive tour operator, Off the Map Travel , is offering guests a roaming hotel sled that makes it easier to see the Northern Lights in arctic Finland, all without stepping out in the cold. As part of the Aurora Wilderness Camp , Off the Map Travel offers three mobile hotel rooms that are built on sleds for the sole purpose of watching the Northern Lights. Although they are a sight to be seen, the famed lights are notoriously hard to locate. Being mobile is the key to success in finding the colorful light show. Related: This glass cabin in Iceland lets you watch the Northern Lights from your bed At eight feet wide, 15 feet long and 6.5 feet high, the sled hotels are compact and fit only two people. On the interior of the tiny cabins  is a bed, a dining table and little else. The space comes with a heater to keep you warm and cozy. Snow shoes and individual sleds are also available upon request for outdoor enjoyment. The hotels are only available for rent until mid-April, and guests will have to make their way to Kilpisjärvi, a small village in northern Finland , to appreciate the unique experience. But, according to Off the Map Travel’s founder Jonny Cooper, it’ll be totally worth it. Cooper told Daily Mail , “The wilderness surrounding Kilpisjärvi is known for its remote and uninterrupted Arctic tundra. Away from any man-made light pollution, it is here that the wilderness camp is placed for the winter, giving guests the best possible opportunity to experience the Northern Lights and simply enjoy the silence of the Arctic plains.” + Off the Map Travel Via Apartment Therapy Photography via Kilpissafarit

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This tiny house on a sled is the perfect way to see the Northern Lights

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