3XN unveils competition-winning designs for Denmarks Climatorium

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Danish architectural practice 3XN Architects recently won a competition for the Climatorium, Denmark’s new international climate center that will be located in Lemvig. Created in collaboration with urban development consultancy SLA and technical advisory company Orbicon, the winning entry will help establish Lemvig as a center for climate change adaptation and support the country’s role as an exporter of climate solutions. Slated for completion in 2020, the sculptural waterfront building will serve as a public forum for knowledge, education, innovation and development projects that can promote climate-related growth and job opportunities. Inspired by the coastal location, the architects have integrated a wave motif to the entrance section of the two-story structure. The surrounding landscape, named the Climate Wedge, also mimics the local environment with its undulating shape structured with meteorological isobar lines in reference to the city’s wind conditions. The outdoor space is planted with native , low-maintenance vegetation and includes sheltered spaces where the public can gather and reconnect with the harbor front. A site-specific approach was taken to the building design as well. The Climatorium is carefully sized to match the existing scale of the other waterfront buildings and is clad in a simple material palette of wood, concrete and steel in a nod to the nearby boat halls. A ground-floor glass facade helps activate the building on the ground level and attracts passersby to come and visit exhibitions about climate change or enjoy food in the cafe. The lower floor can also be used for conferences, concerts and other events. Related: This dreamy Malibu beach house is designed to withstand climate change “We have aimed to create a building that tells the story about climate ,” said Jan Ammundsen, Senior Partner and Head of Design at 3XN. “The building has a rectilinear, stringent expression but forms a wave shape that lends it a distinct and easily decoded identity. The wave tells the story of the site and also refers to the serious challenges we face as a result of climate change.” + 3XN Architects Images via 3XN Architects

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3XN unveils competition-winning designs for Denmarks Climatorium

Henning Larsen Architects dramatically pointed skyscraper will transform Manila skyline

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Henning Larsen Architects just won an international competition for a new landmark building in the heart of Manila, Philippines. Designed in collaboration with landscape architects SLA and BuroHappold Engineering , the dramatically tapered high-rise for Bonifacio Global City is a sculptural beauty that combines Filipino traditional design with contemporary influences. The mixed-use building will be filled with natural daylight and prioritize access to nature. Rising to a height of 308 meters, the landmark tower is designed to redefine the skyline of Bonifacio Global City, a centrally located financial district in Manila . The high-rise will comprise state-of-the-art workspaces, restaurants, a civic center with exhibition spaces, and a public observatory at the top of the structure. The large public plaza that surrounds the building will be densely planted with tall trees and mimic the shade and ambiance of a Filipino tropical forest. The plaza serves as a protected public space for large gatherings and celebrations, a tradition emphasized in Filipino culture. Related: Incredible museum by Kengo Kuma will be set inside a lush nature-infused cave in Manila “We aimed to create a design that will be the benchmark of how a high-rise can give back to a city and its people. The project is characterized by a high degree of responsibility, in relation to not only materials and production but also regarding positive, social spaces encouraging intimacy and community,” says Claude Bøjer Godefroy, Partner and Design Director in Henning Larsen’s Hong Kong office. “This building represents a milestone for Manila and the Philippines. We aimed to make it a truly Filipino building by understanding and integrating elements of Filipino nature, culture and climate.” Trees grow inside the building and will be visible through the glazed facade. At night, the tower is illuminated and doubles as a kind of lighthouse for the city. + Henning Larsen Architects

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Henning Larsen Architects dramatically pointed skyscraper will transform Manila skyline

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