5 eco friendly cellphones helping keep your chats green

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Shaheen Akhtar: Puma Phone Solar powered cellphone These days there is a buzz to save the environment with many people joining the green bandwagon. If you also want to do your bit for environment, then you can do that by using eco friendly cellphones, which are less harmful to environment. Here are the names of 5 eco friendly cellphones. 1. Samsung Blue Earth Samsung Blue Earth Samsung Blue Earth In 2009, Samsung unveiled a new eco friendly cellphone known as Blue-Earth. The new device has solar panels on its back. These panels trap solar energy which is used to charge the phone. Samsung has used recycled plastic to make the body of this device. The Blue Earth has energy-efficient mode called “Eco-Mode” and “Eco-Walk.” 2. Sharp Solar Hybrid Phone Sharp Solar Hybrid Phone Solar Powered Cellphone Sharp has developed a duo of SH6220C and SH6228C feature a memory LCD, which is an energy-efficient display with high visibility in daylight. The phones feature a large 2.9-inch LCD screen and a 5MP autofocus camera. Moreover, the phone’s solar panels will provide one minute of talk time and 2 hours of standby for every 10 minutes in the sun. 3. Puma Phone Puma Phone Solar powered cellphone Developed by Sagem Wireless for sports apparel manufacturer Puma, the Puma Phone can be charged via solar energy through a solar panel at the rear of the phone. The developers claim that one hour of sunlight could provide 15 minutes of talktime or 2 hours of music playback. On the spec side, the Puma phone features a 2.8 inch touchscreen with 240 X 320 QVGA resolution and a 3.2MP camera. 4. LG Pop LG Pop Solar Powered Cellphone Developed by LG Electronics, the Pop is being touted to be the most compact 3-inch touchscreen phone ever made. In addition to a host of trendy features, the cellphone carries a large photovoltaic panel to charge the onboard battery on the move. The device is equipped with a 3MP camera and an 8GB internal memory that can be used to store several popular audio and video files. 5. Motorola A45Eco Motorola A45 Eco Ecofriendly cellphone Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2010, The Motorola A45Eco has been made from recycled plastic bottles and features a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, music player and a couple of games as well. This green cellphone offers 8.5 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time on a full recharge.

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5 eco friendly cellphones helping keep your chats green

2:pm Architecture breaks ground with wood-free housing

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Sayan Bandyopadhyay: 11 Housing Units 2:PM Architectures Innovation in architecture has just turned the corner with 2:pm Architectures from France making everyone sit up and take notice. They have broken new ground in this field by planning a project, a housing complex built on a slope at Turquant, France. This complex comprises of 11 units. In the thick implantation, a living environment is articulated through this project, along with two adding up 11 units. The feature that makes these housing units stand apart is the fact that the units do not contain any wood at all. People at 2:pm Architecture believe that to create and build up something that will keep up, the resources used should be taken into consideration. Picture Gallery 11 Housing Units 11 Housing Units by 2:PM Architectures Situated in a flat position on top of the rock, residents will be able to view the vast, delightful scenery from the Loire’s lap. The roof is solitary. It has, however, modulations that are in juxtaposition to the boundary of the back of the abyss of Crete. There are two buildings that are to the west. These are constructed straight up. These two are positively going to remind you of the countryside. The roof with single incline is incised in a square, even if slightly so. They have paid attention to the use of steel. Using steel is advantageous for various reasons. Frequent use of wood to construct buildings is unfavorable to the environment. Using steel is a more eco friendly option. Steel is recyclable and can be reused for an indefinite period. Steel, even after recycling, does not lose any of its properties that are originally found in it. The framing is done by putting together the steel while building. It is easy to disband the steel resources that are used in the housing, and is also easy to recycle them as required. Using steel is a sophisticated, cost effective and environmental friendly step as far as constructing buildings are concerned. These housing units interpret the neighboring surroundings in a very different, unique and modern way. The Turkish native architecture is, however, preserved in these buildings. The construction flaunts roofs with solitary incline, the sophisticated veneer on the lanes, and access to stairs that are external are specific to Turkish architecture. Via: Archdaily

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2:pm Architecture breaks ground with wood-free housing

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