INFOGRAPHIC: Recycling tips for the holidays

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Have you heard the term “closing the loop” with regard to holiday shopping? It refers to the idea of purchasing items made with recycled materials instead of brand-new products, like recycling a cell phone and then buying a refurbished one. Similarly, one can “close the loop” with decorations and wrappings by recycling any waste one year , and then choosing recycled cards and paper the following year. If everyone were to give sustainable , reusable gifts to their friends and family, and then recycle all the garbage created during get-togethers, we could cut down on a lot of landfill waste this year. Read the rest of INFOGRAPHIC: Recycling tips for the holidays Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: cards , eco friendly presents , eco-friendly gifts , green christmas , green gift ideas , green gifts , green hanukkah , green holidays , green yule , Holiday , holidays , infographic , Recycle , recycled , recycled cards , recycled paper , recycled wrapping paper , recycling , refurbished , refurbished gift , refurbished gifts , reusable gift ideas , Sustainable , sustainable gift ideas , sustainable gifts , Wrapping Paper

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INFOGRAPHIC: Recycling tips for the holidays

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