Propella’s lightweight electric bike rides like a regular bike

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Electric bicycles just keep getting sleeker and slimmer. Propella has just come out with a second generation e-bike that could almost be mistaken for a regular bike. They say their Propella 2.0 rides like a traditional road bike, has a 15 percent smaller battery than its competitor, and it’s said to be eight percent lighter. With a goal to bridge the divide between electric bikes and ordinary bikes, Propella’s 2.0 e-bike features minimalist design that keeps it nice and light. It weighs 34.5 pounds, and according to the company is “classified as the lightest electric vehicle in its class.” Its top speed is 20 miles per hour. Related: Turn any bike into an e-bike with UrbanX’s drop-in wheel You’d be forgiven for mistaking the bike’s battery for a water bottle – it fits snugly against the down tube but boasts Panasonic’s lithium ion technology. The 36 volt battery can be charged in two and a half hours, and offers a range of up to 40 miles. There’s an anti-theft lock on the battery, which can be removed and charged via a standard wall outlet. The bike’s 250 watt geared hub motor fits into the rear wheel, and Propella describes the motor as both quiet and maintenance-free. A LED display on one of the bike’s handles allows riders to choose their pedal assist level. On the company’s Indiegogo campaign page they say concept electric vehicles inspired them to design their bike “so that Propella riders can be guaranteed to own the most beautiful electric bike in the world.” With a month left on their Indiegogo campaign, Propella has reached almost $50,000 of a $60,000 goal. Their super early backer prices are already sold out; now cycling fans can grab a single speed for $999 or a seven-speed for $1,149; both are 33 percent off retail price. The company says their single speed is still “quite capable of climbing most hills.” You can check out the campaign here . + Propella + Propella on Indiegogo Images via Propella

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Propella’s lightweight electric bike rides like a regular bike

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