This cedar-clad tiny home radiates true southern charm

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Although we’ve seen some seriously modern and sophisticated tiny homes  over the years, it’s always nice to go back to the movement’s minimalist roots. The Old Blue Chair  is a classic example of tiny house design done right. From its beautiful cedar block siding to the sweet powder blue dutch door, this beautiful cottage exudes simple southern charm. Located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this lovely tiny cabin , which peers out over Lookout Mountain, is designed to let guests unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The wooden deck outside the bright blue front door is just the place for socializing and passing the hot southern summer nights by with a mint julep or two. Related: Minimalist living meets luxury in the Sturgis Tiny Home The interior design proves to be just as inviting as the charming exterior. Guests enter the home through the hand-crafted dutch door. The top section of the door can be left open to enjoy the beautiful views of the valley 1,400 feet below. White shiplap walls and dark wood flooring create a contemporary cabin feel. The living space is split between a large sofa and a cozy reading nook with a circular window hidden under the stairs. The kitchen features a four-burner stove and plenty of shelving to keep the space organized. In between the living room and the kitchen, a high-top table is used for dining. The tiny home sleeps up to five people, who can choose between the dual sleeping lofts on each end of the interior and can be reached by ladders. Of course, to really relax, guests can enjoy the central fire pit and outdoor hot tub while taking in the incredible 180-degree view of Lookout Valley. + Live a Little Chatt Images via Live a Little Chatt

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This cedar-clad tiny home radiates true southern charm

Zaha Hadid Architects wins bid to masterplan Russias largest port

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Zaha Hadid Architects has won the Admiral Serebryakov Embankment competition, an international masterplanning contest for Novorossiysk, a Russian city on the Black Sea coast with the nation’s largest shipping port. Created in collaboration with local architecture firm Pride TPO, the winning masterplan aims to reconnect the city with its coast and celebrate the region’s rich industrial history and relationship with the sea. The masterplan will introduce a diverse mix of programming and facilities that prioritize non-vehicular circulation. As the nation’s main port on the Black Sea, the southern Russian city of Novorossiysk connects the country with the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Suez Canal. The city is the third-busiest port in Europe by turnover and is the leading Russian port for exporting grain. Zaha Hadid Architects and Pride TPO tap into Novorossiysk’s rich history and traditions as a center of trade in their masterplan. The masterplan is organized on the concept of “instancing,” a concept borrowed from photography in which a subject is slightly manipulated in between frames. Here, it is applied in the 13.9-hectare masterplan’s nine main buildings, each a manipulation of the same form in response to the individual structure’s functions, site conditions, and requirements. The design was informed through digital computation models . Related: Zaha Hadid’s only house rises like a spaceship in a forest near Moscow “Connected at various levels with walkways, squares, and podia and controlled by parametric [tools], the relationships of volumes are informed by multiple simultaneous iterations that test the orientation, height and thickness of these volumes. Utilising this parametric model allows the designers and stakeholders alike to accommodate fluctuations in the financial, volumetric, functional and time-related projections of the client without losing control of a coherent and architecturally elegant urban formation,” explained Zaha Hadid Architects. “Setting the orientation perpendicular to the sea, the Masterplan ensures maximum open unimpeded views towards the sea, as well as a comfortable layout considering the wind movements in and around the site. This results in a configuration that is porous and well-knit with the city fabric, inviting residents as well as visitors in and around the volumes.” The first phase of the masterplan will start construction in the second half of 2019. + Zaha Hadid Architects Images via Zaha Hadid Architects, by VA

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Zaha Hadid Architects wins bid to masterplan Russias largest port

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