Run away to this 100% off-grid desert retreat

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In a world of exotic areas to go off-grid, sometimes the most exquisite locations can be found in your own back yard. Located just north of Pioneertown, California, the  Whisper Rock Ranch  is surrounded by 20 acres of vast desert landscape. The retreat, which is  100% off-grid , offers guests the opportunity to reconnect with nature while enjoying the small luxuries of life, such as a wrap-around deck with pool and jacuzzi, all perfect for enjoying days of spectacular sunsets and brilliant stargazing. Surrounded by ancient juniper and desert oak trees, the compact ranch is the brainchild of Rich Cook and Rezeta Veliu, who visited the site years ago when the only building on the land was a run-down home. Instantly falling in love with the spectacular desert landscape, they set out to create a remote retreat  where guests can truly get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Related: Cool homestead retreat with vintage trailer brings glamping to Mojave desert During the construction of the ranch, the pair used the untouched nature as inspiration to create a soothing, self-sustaining retreat. As a result, Whisper Rock is completely off-grid, running on  solar energy,  propane and water deliveries. “Since we’re completely off grid we operate off of hauled water, so we have three 1,800 gallon tanks that get filled up every other week. But for those same reasons, people off the grid don’t really have pools because they’re hard to maintain, but we did it anyway,” explained Cook. Additionally, the layout and construction of the retreat use various  passive features  such as natural light and shading techniques to reduce its energy use. “We went for as many windows as we could because the surroundings are so beautiful. And what we did was try to maximize the amount of light and glass; we pushed it basically as far as we could push it without allowing the house to fall down,” Cook added. Indeed, the structure’s  abundance of windows  is what connects the ranch to its incredible setting. Large floor-to-ceiling windows line the walls, while massive chunks of natural boulders jut into the living spaces. Additionally, the interior spaces open up to a wrap-around wooden deck. At the heart of the design are lounge areas where most guests spend their time taking in the 360-degree view from the swimming pool or jacuzzi. + Whisper Rock Ranch Via Dwell Images via Whisper Rock Ranch

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Run away to this 100% off-grid desert retreat

Snail-inspired retreat is the perfect escape for nature lovers

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Although you certainly wouldn’t be able to carry this shell-shaped structure on your back, the El Caracol retreat is perfect for getting away from it all. The dome home features an all-glass facade that connects the interior to 8 acres of pine forest in Lledó, Spain. If that isn’t enough of the great outdoors for you, nearby is a limestone gorge with a natural swimming pool and two wild rivers, making it the perfect escape for nature lovers. The structure is set deep into the mountainous forest where two rivers meet, making it a true nature lover’s paradise . However, the property itself is so relaxing, it might be hard to get out and explore the surrounding area. Related: Norway’s Fleinvaer cabins offer the ultimate in off-grid living on a remote island The concrete dome is cut in half with a slanted, all-glass facade that juts out over the outdoor patio. The large windows flood the interior with natural light and connects the living space with the natural exterior. On the inside, there’s an open-plan living area with a large kitchen. Exposed steel supports are found throughout the home, giving an industrial aspect that contrasts nicely with the all-concrete walls. The three bedrooms and two bathrooms are located on the upper level. The master has a beautiful convex wall on one side and a full-length glass wall that offers spectacular views of the surroundings. The heart of the retreat is undoubtedly the outdoor living area. A large shaded area provides outdoor dining space that opens up to the infinity pool . Guests can enjoy the BBQ area, a hammock, and plenty of nooks and crannies for long siestas in the Spanish sun. El Caracol can be rented through + El Caracol Via Dwell Images via Cool Stays

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Snail-inspired retreat is the perfect escape for nature lovers

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