Scotland to phase out new gas and diesel cars by 2032

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We’ve recently seen a movement of governments banning new petrol and diesel cars – within the past year the Netherlands , France , and India have all announced plans to move away from the polluting vehicles – and now it appears Scotland is jumping on the emissions-free bandwagon. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently laid out the new Program for Government , which includes a target of phasing out the need for the dirty cars by 2032. The country also aims to fast-track the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Scotland’s Program for Government, which touches on issues like social security, childcare, and prison sentences, also draws attention to environmental issues. Perhaps its boldest goal is phasing out new diesel and petrol cars and vans in around 15 years. Scotland will promote other forms of travel like EVs by adding more charging stations, and pledged to double their investment on biking and walking from £40 million to £80 million, or from around $52.7 million to around $105.5 million, to boost air quality . Related: Britain to ban new diesel and petrol cars in 2040 Announcing the program, Sturgeon said, “We live in a time of unprecedented global challenge and change. We face rapid advances in technology ; a moral obligation to tackle climate change …We must aspire to be the inventor and the manufacturer of the digital, high-tech, and low-carbon innovations that will shape the future, not just a consumer of them.” She also announced the government plans to fund a North Sea carbon capture and storage project. And Scotland has already been winning in renewable energy this year. Between January and June, wind power provided 124 percent of household electricity needs in the country. Via the Scottish Government and EcoWatch Images via Wikimedia Commons and Gabriel Rodríguez on Flickr

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Scotland to phase out new gas and diesel cars by 2032

Scotland kicks off world’s first large-scale tidal energy project

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Renewable energy advocates celebrate another victory this week as officials launched the world’s first large-scale tidal energy farm off the coast of Scotland. The MeyGen tidal stream project led by Edinburgh-based Atlantis Resources will be comprised of four 49-foot-tall turbines which harness energy from the ocean’s waves to produce electricity free from greenhouse gas emissions . The project promises to eventually generate enough energy to power 175,000 homes throughout the country, a huge leap forward for renewables and the job market in Scotland. First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon unveiled the first of four turbines at a ceremony outside Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. This turbine, just like the others that will follow, measures 49 feet tall, with blades 52 feet in diameter. Each turbine weighs nearly 220 tons and has a capacity of 1.5 megawatts. The turbines will all be installed off the northern coast of Scotland between Caithness and Orkney. Related: Atlantis announces funding for world’s largest tidal energy project in Scotland So far, the Scottish government has approved and funded the massive tidal energy project to the tune of $30 million. The first four turbines are simply the first phase of the project, which Atlantis Resources hopes will eventually be expanded to 269 turbines with a cumulative capacity of 398MW, or the equivalent amount of electricity used by 175,000 homes per year. The project aims to reach maximum capacity in the early 2020s. “I am incredibly proud of Scotland’s role in leading the way in tackling climate change and investment in marine renewables is a hugely important part of this,” said the First Minister at the opening ceremony. “MeyGen is set to invigorate the marine renewables industry in Scotland and provide vital jobs for a skilled workforce, retaining valuable offshore expertise here in Scotland that would otherwise be lost overseas.” Via The Guardian Images via MeyGen

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Scotland kicks off world’s first large-scale tidal energy project

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