This crazy building’s facade is made from 900 black plastic chairs

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No, you aren’t crazy – the entire exterior of this building is actually covered in chairs. What was once a former car showroom is now the sleek and modern headquarters for MY DVA group . And, thanks to the architecture firm CHYBIK+KRISTOF , the building is really turning heads with a stunning, economical exterior made from 900 plastic black chairs. When MY DVA first took over the showroom, it was extremely outdated after being built in the 1990s and not remodeled since. So CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers were hired to remodel the structure. Architects Ondrej Chybik and Michal Kristof recall that the main instructions for the job were to “Do it cheap, ideally for free,” and around the employees who were already working inside. So, that is exactly what they did. Related: Pavilion made from 300 pairs of blue jeans just popped up in Milan The architects utilized the idea “facade as a functional banner” and repurposed nearly 1,000 plastic black chairs to create a unique exterior. Not only did the concept prove to be economical (each chair costs approximately $3.25 USD), it transformed the building into a giant advertisement for MY DVA since one cannot glimpse the outer surface without innately knowing that the business inside has something to do with interior design . Before the exterior was remodeled, the single-story building was nothing impressive to look at. Now, the memorable covering features layered chairs that create a seamless and eye-catching textural motif. In addition to remodeling the building’s outermost wall, the firm refurbished the former car showroom’s interior. The building now has two parts — a showroom and an office. The former was intentionally created to showcase the group’s products and setups. By utilizing objects which may have otherwise been tossed into landfills, the architects created a unique and cheap exterior which is as eye-catching as it is eco-friendly. via Arch Daily

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This crazy building’s facade is made from 900 black plastic chairs

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