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Cotton sucks (water, that is)! It takes almost 1,000 gallons of water to create one cotton T-shirt , not to mention a heaping helping of pesticides, herbicides and other not-s0-cool stuff, so be kind to the tees you already own with a few simple tips:   Wash your clothes with non-toxic detergents and use the correct amount.  When too much detergent is used, the excess gets trapped in between fibers, making clothes look dull and dingy. Using cold water will help preserve the color in your garments and saves the energy that would otherwise be spent heating up the water.  Air drying  cotton  helps protect it from shrinkage and saves energy, but if you must use the machine, run the dryer on a low heat setting.  Reduce is the most important of the three R’s, so reduce the amount of cotton you buy by taking good care of the cotton you own, yo.  Tees, jeans and chonies can all benefit from fewer washes and cooler temps, so do what you can to keep your stash in great shape. Photograph by David Levine

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green tee.

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