Lightyear unveils solar-powered car with a 500-mile driving range

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A little-known Dutch startup called Lightyear just unveiled plans for a solar-powered electric car with a 500-mile driving range. The Lightyear One features a four-wheel drive powertrain that can handle rough terrain – and thanks to its solar panels, it can drive for months without having to be charged. “You can think of the Lightyear One as being as an electric car redesigned from the ground up to combine the best of solar cars and electric cars.”, says Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear. “It’s a revolutionary step forward in electric mobility because we are able to combine a great look with extreme efficiency. This first model makes science fiction become reality: cars powered using just the sun”. Related: The world’s most efficient 5-seater car is powered entirely by the sun The solar-powered Lightyear One can travel up to 500 miles on a single charge. Other automakers have unveiled electric cars with solar panels on the roof, but none of them have been able to propel a car as far as Lightyear’s new vehicle. The integrated solar cells on the roof of the Lightyear One will generate enough energy to recharge the battery during the day, rendering charging virtually unnecessary. In sunny climates, the car can drive for months without charging, but if you need to travel further, you can also charge it using a standard power socket. Since the Lightyear One doesn’t need to rely heavily on charging infrastructure , the solar-powered car is a new option for drivers that don’t have access to a charger. “The Lightyear One is a statement to show that electric cars are ready for every corner of the planet”, Hoefsloot says. “It is the first step in our mission to make electric cars available for everyone”. The Lightyear One will be unveiled in early 2018, with the first deliveries in the United States and Europe expected to arrive in 2019. Pricing starts at 119,000 Euros, and reservations are already being taken on Lightyear’s website . Images @Lightyear + Lightyear

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Lightyear unveils solar-powered car with a 500-mile driving range

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