10 earth-sheltered villas blend in with the Tuscan landscape

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The architects paid their respects to traditional Italian architecture while drawing inspiration from modern architecture for Le Ville di Trevinano, with an ultimate goal of minimizing the resort’s impact on the environment. The earth sheltered villas at Le Ville de Trevinano are “pushed into” the Tuscan hills, which act as insulation so the villas won’t freeze and are energy efficient. The villas draw power from the sun and are equipped to collect rainwater. Related: A unique community of modern green homes hug the desert floor in Utah Tuscan stone adorns the modern villas, which offer panoramic views of the hills with floor-to-ceiling windows. The villas include private patios and pools, and gardens planted with Cyprus trees and native plants. The low, wide design of each villa ensures it doesn’t mar the surrounding natural beauty, but rather fits in elegantly with the Tuscan hills. Inside each villa, modern art, an indoor plant, and a rain-shower add comfort to the luxurious buildings. Fully stocked kitchens and cozy living rooms allow visitors to settle into a home away from home. There’s also a recreational center on site, complete with exercise equipment, a tennis court, a spacious pool, and a children’s pool. Le Ville di Trevinano is close to the village of Trevinano, which is near the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno . Foxes, deer, wild boar, porcupines, and protected species roam the reserve. In a press release, ten Brinke said, “This modern piece of architecture blends seamlessly into the exciting environment and nature: a modern boutique resort with a high standard, carefully fitted to its surroundings.” You can find out more about pricing and rental opportunities here . + Le Ville d’Italia + 70F architecture Images courtesy of Le Ville d’Italia

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10 earth-sheltered villas blend in with the Tuscan landscape

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