Mars Australia to go to 100% renewable energy in just over one year

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One of the largest manufacturers in Australia is going green. Food company Mars Australia recently announced it will match 100 percent of its  electricity use with clean power by 2020. The company’s goal is to completely eliminate greenhouse gases from its operations by 2040. Exciting news from down under – Mars Australia has entered the solar system! We’re proud to announce we’re now purchasing the equivalent of 100% of our electricity use from #renewable #solar energy! Learn more about our commitment to a #sustainable future: — Mars, Incorporated (@MarsGlobal) May 31, 2018 Mars Australia signed a 20-year power-purchase agreement with renewable energy company Total Eren. The Sydney Morning Herald reported the deal will support the Kiamal Solar Farm in northern Victoria, which Total Eren is developing, as well as a second clean power project in New South Wales. Mars Australia said it has contracted for power to match electricity needs of six factories and two sales offices in Australia. The company’s electricity use in the country is around 100 gigawatt-hours a year; general manager Barry O’Sullivan told The Sydney Morning Herald, “We’ve got a pretty big footprint on this planet. Our energy usage in total is equivalent to a small country’s.” Related: Australia’s solar energy capacity could almost double in one year Solar power from the Kiamal Solar Farm, which is slated for completion in the middle of 2019, won’t go directly to Mars Australia’s operations. Instead, it will go to the country’s national grid. Mars Australia will receive Renewable Energy Certifications from the Kiamal Solar Farm and will support Total Eren in expanding the farm to a planned 200-megawatt capacity. Mars Australia said the energy generated at the solar farm could power 185 million 180-gram (around 6-ounce) bags of peanut M&Ms, 2.5 billion packets of EXTRA gum, 1.4 billion bottles of MasterFoods tomato sauce or 29 million 3-kilogram (around 6-pound) bags of PEDIGREE dog food. We’re thrilled to announce that Mars Australia is adding new solar power to the national grid equivalent to 100% of our electricity use! But how much is that? Here’s a taste… — Mars, Incorporated (@MarsGlobal) May 31, 2018 O’Sullivan said in a Mars press release  that rising electricity prices played a role in the company’s decision to switch to renewable energy. The move joins Mars sites in the U.S., U.K. and about nine other countries. O’Sullivan said the “price volatility of energy in Australia made renewables the best option for our business.” Total Eren CEO David Corchia said, “Partnering with manufacturing thought leaders like Mars Australia is essential and sends a strong message to the rest of the market that now is the time to capitalize on the opportunities offered by renewable power purchase agreements and to drive positive changes in the environment .” + Mars Australia Via The Sydney Morning Herald Images via Depositphotos

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Mars Australia to go to 100% renewable energy in just over one year

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