Brooklyn Home Company designs passive townhouse with raw wood elements

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New York-based collective The Brooklyn Home Company has designed a passive townhouse in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. The townhouse, which was designed using Passive House principles, features four floors, a rooftop patio and a basement. The designers incorporated natural wood and soft tones into multiple aspects of the home to go along with the eco-friendly theme. There are beautiful hardwood floors and raw wooden furniture throughout, but the real heart of the home is realized in a gorgeous wooden staircase with raw wood banisters. The rooftop provides a functional sitting area surrounded by greenery and wooden walls. Related: New apartments bring sustainable architecture to the Upper West Side The passive design boosts energy-efficiency and soundproofing while an ERV filtering system provides the home with better indoor air quality, according to the company. The system is constantly extracting air toxins and stale air and releasing fresh, filtered air, all while regulating humidity levels. This consistent air circulating and humidity moderating not only improves air quality but also reduces the chance for airborne viruses to spread as it prevents mold growth and dryness in the air. Mold and air dryness are some of the most common causes for the spread of viruses in the wintertime and also factor into issues like allergies and dry skin. Passive House principals require airtight insulation, which keeps the home’s carbon footprint low and reduces heating and cooling bills. The Brooklyn Home Company also used triple-pane European windows to keep outside noise from getting into the townhouse. The company’s architectural manager is a Certified Passive House Designer, and The Brooklyn Home Company also teams up with New York City Passive House consultant and educator Bldtyp to oversee home builds. The company hopes that the cognitive and health benefits that better air quality bring into a house will inspire more homeowners to invest in the science and craftsmanship behind Passive House design . + The Brooklyn Home Company Photography by Matthew Williams via DADA Goldberg

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Brooklyn Home Company designs passive townhouse with raw wood elements

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