Wild grasses grow atop an Icelandic homes folded roof

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Wild grasses and heather temper the hard lines of this striking modern home in Iceland . Reykjavik-based Studio Granda designed B14, a villa partially built from the recycled remains of the clients’ former dwelling. The undulating landscaped roof appears to mimic the nearby Bláfjöll mountain ridge, while the roofline’s valleys and folds help collect rainwater that tricks down the walls in open copper channels. B14’s unusual fan-like roof takes inspiration from the site’s trapezoidal shape that widens on the south side. The 592-square-meter abode tucks the smaller rooms of the home, including the bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry room, towards the north beneath sharply pitched roofs. The roof gently ripples out towards the south side where the spacious open-plan dining room, kitchen, and living area overlook the lava field through floor-to-ceiling windows. Related: Red Mountain Retreat captures the essence of the rugged Icelandic landscape In-situ concrete is the main material seen from the outside. In contrast, the interior predominately features rich kampala timber with exposed steel beams, and a host of other luxury surfaces like polished black granite and calacatta marble. A stairway built of sawn basalt and illuminated by a skylight leads down to a small basement workshop and storage space. + Studio Granda

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Wild grasses grow atop an Icelandic homes folded roof

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