Future of hyper-fast pod travel unveiled in BIGs Hyperloop One

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fze5spdN3nU First proposed by Elon Musk , the revolutionary Hyperloop transport system is envisioned as the future of affordable, high-tech, and hyper-fast travel. “Together with BIG, we have worked on a seamless experience that starts the moment you think about being somewhere – not going somewhere,” said Josh Giegel, President of Engineering, Hyperloop One. “We don’t sell cars, boats, trains, or planes. We sell time.” Related: BIG releases video sneak peek of Hyperloop designed to connect Abu Dhabi & Dubai The futuristic system doesn’t just aim to dramatically shorten commutes, but also “vastly simplifies the experience of getting from front-door to final destination.” To eliminate waiting from the passenger experience, travelers will be able to refer to a smartphone app that identifies the closest Hyperportal (Hyperloop’s name for their circular stations) and departure gate for on-demand travel. At the gate, passengers board a six-seater cuboid Hyperpod (each designed with different seating arrangements) that can move autonomously onto roads to pick up or drop off passengers. Four cuboid pods are loaded onto a ‘transporter,’ a pressurized vessel attached to a chassis for levitation and propulsion, which can accelerate to 1,100 kilometers per hour and “hyperjump” through a tube track to another portal, where the individual pods are discharged and move onto the street to drop passengers off at their final destination. Hyperloop One just signed an agreement with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority to further explore the futuristic transit system with more details to follow. + BIG + Hyperloop One Images via BIG

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Future of hyper-fast pod travel unveiled in BIGs Hyperloop One

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