Incredible coating makes watermelon bounce after 150-foot drop

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What happens to a watermelon when it’s sprayed with a protective coating meant for pickup trucks and then dropped 150 feet off a tower ? The Australian trio behind YouTube channel How Ridiculous decided to find out. Here’s what happened: How Ridiculous coated a watermelon with Line-X . While the spray is commonly used for truck beds, the How Ridiculous amateur scientists decided to get creative with the protective spray and test it on a squishy food we wouldn’t necessarily think of as resilient. In the video, the watermelon sprayed with Line-X not only remained intact, but it even bounced. Related: Liquipel’s Hydrophobic Nanocoating Makes Gadgets Completely Waterproof! Meanwhile, a watermelon dropped without the coating wasn’t so lucky: it exploded, with pieces flying everywhere. Clearly the protective coating succeeded at keeping the outside of the watermelon undamaged, but when the team opened up the coated watermelon later with a saw, inside the fruit had turned to slush. How Ridiculous has run silly science experiments in the past, like trying to catch a fish with an iPhone , and also perform stunts and tricks like making a basketball shot off a 415-foot-tall dam in Tasmania. The team holds Guinness World Records for the “highest basketball shot” off the dam, a tower, and the Euromast. Their stunts and experiments are entertaining but they also have a meaningful purpose: they aim to inspire viewers to battle poverty . Through a relationship with international organization Compassion , they offer fans of the channel the opportunity to sponsor children in developing countries. There’s more to the story with Line-X as well. The company’s coatings aren’t used just for trucks and watermelons, but for buildings like the Pentagon or emergency response vehicles. According to the company’s website , they were the first company to provide “commercially available pure polyurea,” and they created the first “spray-on blast-mitigation coating” tested by the U.S. military. + How Ridiculous Via Sploid

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Incredible coating makes watermelon bounce after 150-foot drop

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