Elevated glass-bottomed pool gives thrill-seekers dramatic alpine views

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The dramatic cantilevered pool is one of many additions in NOA’s renovation of Hotel Hubertus, completed May 2016. The new accommodation wing, which includes 16 new suites and facilities, is visually connected to the old accommodation wing by the pool, which sits between the two. The sky infinity pool appears to float weightlessly in the landscape, hovering 12 meters above ground, and successfully passes on that gravity-defying feeling to swimmers thanks to a glazed front, a glass window at the bottom of the pool, and no view-obstructing barriers. The pool has a width of 5 meters, a length of 25 meters, and a depth of 1.3 meters. A 17-meter length of the pool juts out from the front of the hotel to overlook spectacular views of the Dolomites . Trunks of native larch trees stripped of bark support the pool. “The new pool , which imposingly rests in-between the two accommodation wings, seems like a floating rock, come to rest at the site, overlooking the valley,” write the architects. “The hidden edges of the pool, kept in anthracite-coloured stone, abolish the gap between pool and landscape, creating the impression of the water flowing into nothing, disappearing between pool and landscape. The pool metaphorically reminds of a mountain lake, nestled into the astonishing mountainscape of the UNESCO World Heritage site , the Dolomites…” Related: Glass-bottomed sky pool will be suspended 115 feet in the air To create a uniform appearance between the existing building and the new build, the architects added native larch tree trunks to the facade. The debarked trunks were installed in a rhythmic, alternating pattern and double as sun screens , room dividers, and rain protectors. New perforated, powder-coated metal balustrades replaced the old wooden ones and enhance the wings’ curved forms shaped to follow the existing topography. + NOA Via Dezeen Images via NOA

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Elevated glass-bottomed pool gives thrill-seekers dramatic alpine views

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