Green Valentine gifts for Earth-loving sweethearts

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If you’re anything like us, you want to show your earth-loving sweetheart that you care about them on Valentine’s Day without perpetuating harmful consumerism. Luckily there are ways to show your love that are both environmentally and socially beneficial. We’ve collected some thoughtful gifts ranging from fair trade chocolate to jewelry made from recycled materials. Browse through our list of conscientious gifts that will make your special person feel even more so on Valentine’s Day . 11 Green Valentine Gifts for Earth-Loving Sweethearts HAND IN HAND SOAP If you have a sweetie who likes to smell sweeter than roses but hates the idea of applying harmful ingredients to their skin, then these Hand in Hand soaps might appeal to you. Made from all-natural ingredients that were responsibly harvested, a pack of three comes with three fragrances: White Tea, Orange Blossom and Lavender. 50 square feet of rainforest is spared with each bar bought. + $20 from Hand in Hand Soap PACT ORGANIC COTTON UNDERWEAR This year light your loved one’s fire with a pair of sexy sustainable underwear from PACT! These super-soft 100% organic cotton undies are sustainably manufactured in sweat-shop free facilities that are powered by wind power. + $19-$30 at PACT   MAKE YOUR OWN BEESWAX CANDLES Here’s another fun and sustainable twist on a must-have Valentine’s Day accessory: candles! This fun kit is made up of multi-colored, sustainably-sourced beeswax sheets and wicks. A sweet gift that is incredibly easy to put together, these candles are bound to add a little vibrancy and warmth to your romancing. + $35 from Amazon SEXY SUSTAINABLE SKIVVIES If you really want to turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day, consider picking up a pair of sexy sustainable skivvies – our green fashion site Ecouterre has rounded up two dozen eco-friendly Lingerie gifts that are sure to set the night ablaze come February 14th. From racy garter tanks to corsets and slips galore, read on for our top picks. + 14 Eco-Friendly Lingerie Gifts A HEART FOR LOVE ALUMINUM SCULPTURE So many gifts we give on Valentine’s Day are temporary, but sometimes it’s nice to give a gift that will last, such as a sculpture that memorializes enduring love. This wonderful Aluminum Heart for Love sculpture designed by a NOVICA artisan will squeeze your loved one’s heart while supporting quality indigenous craftsmanship. + $55.49 from NOVICA HALL ORGANIC WINE Wine and champagne are also favorites on Valentine’s Day, but who wants to give or drink wine that was grown using toxic pesticides? If you want to let your hair down and splurge on the beverage ordained by the gods, check out Hall’s award-winning organic wine, which is sulfur and pesticide-free. + $22 and up at Hall Wines   TWIG TERRARIUMS We have yet to come up with a holiday for which Twig Terrariums aren’t awesome gifts. So cute, green, long lasting and exciting to explore, a mini green world in a glass vessel is certain to inspire at least five thank you kisses! + $55 and up at Twig Terrariums   ADOPT AN ANIMAL For a new spin on the boring old chocolate hearts gift this Valentine’s Day, why not Adopt an animal from Endangered Species . Not only will you receive a gift bag of yummy fair trade chocolates, but 50 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation! + $30 from Endangered Species A CD FULL OF LOVE SONGS Sometimes going old school is the most heartwarming thing you can do for your loved ones, particularly if you put a lot of thought into it. If you’re really strapped for cash and have a blank CD or two lying around, why not make a mix of your favorite loved songs? Everyone has their own taste so you don’t have to choose sappy tearjerkers, just songs you know your partner will love. Add your own cover to personalize it if you like and if you don’t have a CD, make a Spotify playlist instead. + FREE lead image via Deposit Photos

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Green Valentine gifts for Earth-loving sweethearts

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