These colorful glamping pods are tucked into a South Korean mountain range

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South Korean firm  Atelier Chang has installed a series of colorful glamping pods in a remote South Korean mountain range. Tucked deep into a green cypress forest, the contemporary pods that make up the SJCC Glamping Resort are designed for travelers who want to enjoy exploring Suncheon Ecological Bay, a beautiful coastal area 300 kilometers south of Seoul. The 16 glamping pods were built with steel frames and covered with brightly-colored fabric in shades of fuchsia, bright green and powder blue. The fabric is durable enough to insulate the structures year-round, even in wintertime. The area is known for its bitter winters, but the coverings, as well as the rounded shapes of the pods, help resist strong winds and snow loading. Related: Alterra beach resort uses shipping containers for private glamping cabins According to the architects, each of the colorful pods was strategically orientated to provide stunning views of the forest and the sea in the distance. “We wanted guests to feel as if they are living deep in the forest – directly in touch with the natural environment rather than being disconnected from it, as is the case with many ‘destination’ resorts,” said Soohyun Chang, founder of Atelier Chang. On the interior, guests can enjoy a rather large glamping layout of approximately 164 square feet. The pods feature an open-plan living area with a kitchen and bathroom. Each pod has two comfortable beds. To minimize the resort’s impact on the natural landscape, each pod has a wooden deck, which is raised off the ground by multiple piles. When not enjoying peaceful hikes around the property, guests can make their way to the clubhouse and restaurant. The bright white building, which sits at the center of the resort, was made using the same steel and fabric construction techniques. Its zig-zagged facade opens up into a large deck that looks out over the forest. + Atelier Chang Via Dezeen Images via Atelier Chang

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These colorful glamping pods are tucked into a South Korean mountain range

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