Turning Commercial Jets into Hybrids

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A company called WheelTug has devised a way for commercial airplanes to run on electricity at slow speeds, much like a hybrid vehicle does. The WheelTug system includes a pair of electric motors embedded in an airplane’s nose wheel which provide power for backing the plane away from the gate and for taxiing up to 28 mph. The electricity for the motors is provided by the auxiliary power unit of the plane, a small engine located at the back of the aircraft used for running lights and the ventilation system when the main engines are off. The auxiliary power unit uses only about half a gallon of fuel per minute compared to two gallons per minute for each of the main engines.  The WheelTug allows a plane to taxi without use of the main engines and to back from the gate without the help of a diesel-fueled tug, cutting down significantly on fuel use while a plane is on the ground. Another advantage to creating hybrid jets is that planes will spend less time on the ground since they won’t have to wait for a tug.  Also, by running the main engines less, engines will sustain less damage. The company has just signed a deal to outfit 20 El Al jets with the system and hopes to get certification from European and American aviation regulators by early 2013. via NY Times Green Blog

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Turning Commercial Jets into Hybrids

California Hits 1 Gigawatt of Rooftop Solar

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According to a new report by Environment California, a major solar power milestone has been reached in the state:  it is now home to 1 gigawatt’s-worth of rooftop solar power .  To put that into perspective, only five countries have hit the 1 GW mark in solar power so far:  Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy and the Czech Republic. The electricity produced by rooftop solar power installations in California now equals two coal-fired power plants and could power 750,000 homes. The solar installations include new and existing homes and commercial buildings, and panels connected to the grid by both large utilities and smaller municipal utilities. The report gives most of the credit to a statewide rooftop solar incentive program called the California Solar Initiative.  The initiative is responsible for 600 MW of installed solar power in the state. via Mercury News

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California Hits 1 Gigawatt of Rooftop Solar

How can I reuse or recycle an old wrought iron gate?

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Sticking in the garden after yesterday’s “how to make cloches” question, I’m a member of UKVegGardeners and spotted this question on the forum yesterday: Anyone got any suggestions, please, on uses for an old wrought iron 3ft square garden gate which has reached the end of its gate life but must have some usefulness left?

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How can I reuse or recycle an old wrought iron gate?

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